From Europe on the 2nd anniversary of the murder of Samir Flores


To the Peoples’ Front in Defense of Land and Water – Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala

To the family, friends and comrades in struggle of Samir Flores Soberanes

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, to the National Indigenous Congress

To the struggles from below to the left and to the networks of resistance and rebellion:

The Zapatistas, the National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Council of Government have not stopped giving echo and voice to the struggle undertaken by the Peoples’ Front in Defense of Land and Water of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala (FPDTA-MPT) to obtain truth and justice about the murder of Samir, as well as the definitive abandonment of an Integral Project of Death stained with blood, lies and incessant coercive maneuvers. Through his unconditional support for this megaproject AMLO openly betrayed the people of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala, and of Mexico to whom he promised in 2014 the cancellation of the project if elected president, and betrayed the memory of Zapata for the benefit of European companies such as Elecnor, Abengoa, Enagas, Bonatti, Saint-Gobain and dozens of other capitalist investors.

Two years after Samir’s assassination, the investigations have not made any progress. In the meantime, the Mexican government is doing everything possible to start up the Huexca thermoelectric plant, despite a dozen legal challenges involving the suspension of the project. In addition, last November 23 the Zapatista resistance camp of Apatlaco, which prevented the construction of an aqueduct necessary for the operation of the Huexca thermoelectric plant, was evicted by members of the National Guard; today the infrastructure is permanently protected by the National Guard, the military, local police and private police. Disastrous attempts of operation are regularly carried out and intimidations against the project’s opponents do not cease.

In solidarity with the People’s Front and in memory of Samir, from Europe from below and to the left, we demand truth and justice for his murder and express our support for the struggle against a gas pipeline whose danger in this volcanic region is not subject to demonstration, against an aqueduct that would reduce and pollute the water of the Nahua peoples of the region, as well as against industrial zones and thermoelectric plants that would pollute the territory to produce profits for European companies, among others.

We know that these transnationals took advantage of and bribed governments in Mexico in order to maximize their profits, proposing works of death at the expense of the indigenous peoples and the environment of our entire planet. In alliance with the current boss of Mexico, these European transnationals continue to trample on the rights of indigenous peoples, imposing their projects on the territory with the discreet support of various institutions, without the agreement of the peoples.

For this reason we express our greatest wish that the Zapatista delegation and the National Indigenous Congress come to Europe to testify about their struggle, about the impunity that reigns in Mexico and abroad, and about the systematic violations of the rights of indigenous peoples committed in this region, as in the rest of Mexico and the world. We demand truth and justice for Samir!

For the indigenous peoples of Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala and all the peoples of the world, we demand the abandonment of the Morelos Integral Project and all the capitalist megaprojects of death!

Five hundred years later, the resistance to colonization and capitalist plunder is still alive!

capitalist plunder is still in force!

   Signaturees: Dinamarca Foro internacional Dinamarca

Estado español

Yretiemble Madrid

Centro de Documentación sobre Zapatismo. Madrid

Asamblea Plaza de los Pueblos

Asociación Brasileña Maloka

Comité de Solidaridad con los Pueblos – Interpueblos

Colectivo Maloka, Barcelona

Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT)

Asociación Teatro de la Tierra


Mesa Migración, Refugio, Intercul,y Antirracismo. SBCOMAL –

Paz con Dignidad

Plataforma por Honduras en Madrid

CNT Fraga

Comité de solidaridad con América Latina COSAL Asturias

Coletivo pelos Direitos no Brasil – Madrid

La Villana de Vallekas – Madrid


Comité de Solidarité avec les Peuples du Chiapas en Lutte (CSPCL – PARIS)

Colectivo Paris Ayotzinapa

A.Pardo-AlarconAméricasol (Red Escargot) – Francia

Chiapas sol (Red Escargot) Francia

Terra Libra / Francia – Bretana

Ingalan / Francia – Bretana

Stop EDF Mexique – Francia

Colectivo Chiapas-Ariège (red escargot) Francia

Asociación Mut-Vitz 34 (Red Escargot) Francia

Comité de Solidarité avec les Indiens des Amériques (CSIA-Nitassinan) – Francia

Confédération Nationale du Travail (CNT-F) – Francia

Groupe de soutien à Leonard Peltier (LPSG-France) – Francia

Collectif Granos de arena – Francia

Mut Vitz 13Assemblea de Solidaritat amb Mèxic del País Valencià


Corisca Internaziunalista Associu Sulidarità – sezzione in Pariggi


Chispa de Solidaridad con l@s Zapatistas y Pueblos Indigenas Colectivo “Calendario Solidario Zapatista”

Asamblea Libertaria Autoorganizada Paliacate Zapatista

Espiral de solidaridad-semilla de resistencia


Asociación Ya Basta! Moltitudia Roma

Associazione Ya Basta! Milano



Barfuss Kollektiv

País vasco



Zapatisten Lagunak


A Planeta


Cafè Rebeldía-Infoespai, Barcelona

Adhesiva, Barcelona

Taula per Mèxic, Barcelona


Gruppe B.A.S.T.A. Münster

Red Ya-Basta-Netz
FinlandiaColectivo Armadillo

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