Solidarity in response to APRA’s attack on candidate to the constituent assembly in Chile


From Euskal Herria (Basque Country) we join in denouncing the attack against Manuela Royo Letelier, member of MODATIMA (Movement in Defense of Water, Land and Environmental Protection) (More below communiqué by MODATIMA’s Women) from Chile, by the fascists of APRA (Association for Peace and Reconciliation in Araucania) who far from pursuing what they express with their name, do the opposite: they incite hatred and racial and economic division. From Euskal Herria (Basque Country) our solidarity with Manuela Royo Letelier, her family, the Mapuche people in this umpteenth aggression, MODATIMA and its women, and the Apruebo Dignidad candidacy to the constitutional assembly.

Especially now, just a few days before March 8, which reminds us that not only on that day but every other day women suffer violence and injustice, and in the case of women activists twice more (or three times, or four times).

The attack occurred while the lawyer and candidate for the constitutional assembly was presenting the 10 proposals of her group for the Constitution, at the point agreed to convene the media. Among the proposals was the respect for Human Rights and plurinationality, the Good Living, water rights and alternatives to the climate emergency.

Euskal Herritik elkartasuna eta besarkada bero bat!

See here more about Chile’s constitutional assembly

We also remember that this is not the only case in Chile, in addition to that of Veronica Vilches and also that of the anti-fracking activists in Colombia, and given the increase in cases of violence against activists, we reiterate: IT’S ENOUGH! No attacks against Mother Earth, no attacks against those of us who defend her! Manuela also echoes on the internet attacks with gunshots against the lamgenes (sisters) in the commune of Lautaro, which she used to denounce the militarization and killings in Wallmapu (Araucania) and the rights of indigenous peoples.

Aski da! Ez Ama Lurraren aurkako erasorik, ez defendatzen dugunon aurkako erasorik!


MODATIMA Women’s Communiqué:

As a result of the events that took place today outside of the Temuco Intendancy in the Araucanía Region in the framework of the launching of the 10 proposals of the Apruebo Dignidad list for District 23, as Women Modatima we repudiate the racist, classist and misogynist actions of APRA (Association for Peace and Reconciliation in the Araucanía) coordinated towards our fellow Constituent Candidate for District 23 Manuela Royo Letelier, who was repeatedly assaulted carrying her 3 year old daughter in her arms, where there were also more children from 3 to 8 years old and despite the presence of police and personnel of the Intendencia there was no action to protect her integrity.

It should be noted that this activity was scheduled since Thursday of the previous week, ignoring the one called by the ultra-right fascist group APRA called «pantalonazo» (Trouser-action) requesting «hard hand» in the Region, call where they also brought out their patriarchal fascism with racist and misogynist slogans that far from seeking peace and conciliation of the territory incite both racial and economic hatred and division, conduct totally contrary to the Good Living for which we fight from this candidacy.

In relation to the above, we reaffirm our commitment to the collective and organized struggle of the humble people who in Wallmapu continue to resist the fanatics in power who hide behind the skirts of a neoliberal system that validates their actions and privileges based on the dispossession of common natural resources. We also firmly reject the abuses to which our children are constantly exposed in the context of struggle, where despite the police presence, they are not prioritized for protection, which we consider a serious violation of their rights.

In the run-up to 8M, from Mujeres Modatima we condemn the persecution and constant violence that women leaders, comrades and leaders of our territories have received from the State, its police and companies associated with agribusiness, mega-mining and forestry. We also condemn the «pantalonazo» as a patriarchal action based on the phallic concept of patriotism that is still present in our society. We demand from the Chilean state protection for our women leaders and comrades of territories in struggle, as well as for their sons, daughters and sons who are exposed to police and structural violence of a government that promised to put them in the first place.

We are extremely wary of the statements made by this group in which they explicitly call for the carrying of weapons and confrontation between civilians as if the protection that the State gives them by having the privilege of going against all health regulations at a time when public health in Chile is in serious collapse. We cannot allow to continue validating the actions of a group that enjoys full freedom to call for violence and execute it, while the majority of the oppressed people can not even demonstrate for the precarious conditions they live in the context of Pandemic without being strongly repressed or mutilated (*). From Mujeres Modatima we make a call to all the comrades who struggle in different territories nationwide not to falter in the collective and organized struggle. Together we are more, together we are power, the patriarchy will fall!

«They want monocultures, but we are Native Forest».

(*) in the case of Chile that has been the case of 445 demonstrators who lost their sight

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