To the National Indigenous Congress,

To Communities in Resistance, to the PIM,

To the People’s Front in Defense of Land and Water, MPT

To the resisting peoples of the world,

To the anti-capitalist and environmental organizations of Europe,

To the Federal Government of Mexico,

To the Government of the Spanish State,

To the European Economic Community,

To the media,

From the other Europe we want to show our solidarity with the 17 ejidos and communities that are carrying out resistance against the Morelos Integral Project (PIM), and with the People’s Front in Defense of Land and Water, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala (FPDTA-MPT). We support and believe in the struggle in defense of their territory against the ferocious advance of the capitalist machine. We denounce the eviction by the National Guard (GN) of the Apatlaco sit-in which managed to halt the completion of the Huexca thermoelectric plant and the Integral Morelos Project. For four years, the sit-in has been supporting the ejidos of Ayala, Morelos in defense of water, to avoid being deprived of their vital liquid.

Following the GN, the machines and workers arrived to restart the work on the waterpipe and began to put up sheet metal walls to prevent free transit and the right of defense and demonstration of those who are aggrieved by this mega-project of death. We denounce the use of the COVID-19 contingency to impose PIM. We denounce the human rights violations that are being perpetrated against defenders of land and communities affected by the PIM, by the government of Mexico. Also by the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At this point we would like to recall the assassination of comrade Samir Flores Soberanes on February 20, 2019, a member of the FPDTA-MPT, who was murdered at the door of his house for defending land, water and life in the face of this project of death. The investigations in the Morelos State Attorney General’s Office have not advanced, nor have they developed the lines of investigation that point to their work in defense of human rights against the Huexca thermoelectric plant and the Morelos Gas Pipeline.

We denounce the responsibility of the Spanish companies Elecnor SA, Abengoa SA, and Enagas SA. involved in the construction and operation of the various components of the PIM which are a thermoelectric, a gas pipeline and an aqueduct.

We denounce the Spanish state for financing the development of the PIM with public money through the Fund for the Internationalization of the Company (FIEM), which belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The funds of the FIEM have been used by the Italian company Bonatti SPA to build a gas pipeline of 160 km located on the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano, one of the 5 most active and dangerous volcanoes in the world. This means public funds from the Spanish State will contribute to increasing the risks in a volcanic area with more than 2 million inhabitants. So that, if a catastrophe related to the gas pipeline were to happen, the Spanish State and the companies involved would be co-responsible for the increase in risk and catastrophe.

We denounce the companies that will benefit from the installation of the pipeline and the distribution of its natural gas, all foreign: Saint Gobain, Nissan, Burlington, Continental, Gas Natural del Noreste, and Canadian mining companies such as Alamos Gold, among others.

We demand, to the Mexican government, the immediate cessation of the works of the Integral Project Morelos. They must also put an end to human rights violations as an institutional strategy, and respect the will and dignity of the communities and original peoples. We also demand that the murder of comrade Samir Flores be clarified and that those responsible be punished.

We demand, from the Spanish government and the EU, that they cease funding the mega death projects and the immediate cessation of funding for the projects of the PIM. That existing tools be used to ensure respect for human rights by state and European companies. We demand that companies working on projects where there are violations of human rights be sanctioned; and in this case, that sanctions be applied to the Spanish companies Elecnor SA, Abengoa SA, and Enagas SA.

No to the mega-projects of death!

No to the Morelos Integral Project!

Samir lives! The struggle continues!



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