Chiapas on the brink of civil war.

By Enlace Zapatista (EZLN)

Communiqué of the clandestine revolutionary indigenous clandestine committee-general command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN).

September 19, 2021.

To the people of Mexico:
to the peoples of the world:
to the national and international Sexta:
to the Europe from below and to the left:

First: on the 11th of september 2021, in the morning hours and while the zapatista air delegation was in mexico city, members of ORCAO, a paramilitary organisation at the service of the government of the state of chiapas, kidnapped the comrades Sebastían Nuñez Pérez and José Antonio Sśnchez Juárez, autonomous authorities of the Good Government council of Patria Nueva, Chiapas.

The ORCAO is a political-military organisation of a paramilitary nature, it has uniforms, equipment, weapons and a park obtained with the money they receive from social programmes. They keep part of the money and give the rest to officials so that they can publicise the fact that they are complying with the social programmes. With these weapons they shoot every night against the zapatista community of Moises and Gandhi.

The EZLN waited patiently until all possible channels for a solution were exhausted. While the government of the state of Chiapas sabotaged and hindered the liberation, it was human rights organisations and the progressive catholic church who rightly assessed what could happen.

Second.- The comrades were deprived of their freedom for 8 days and were released today, 19 september 2021, thanks to the intervention of the parish priests of San Cristóbal de las Casas and Oxchuc, who belong to the diocese of San Cristóbal . The comrades were robbed of a broadcasting radio and six thousand pesos in cash belonging to the Good Government board.

Third.- The crime of kidnapping is punishable by the laws of the Bad Government and by the zapatista laws. While the government of the state of Chiapas is covering up and encouraging these crimes, and is doing nothing, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation proceeded to take the necessary measures to free the kidnapped and to arrest and punish those responsible for the crime.

Fourth.- if the conflict did not escalate into a tragedy, it was due to the intervention of the aforementioned parish priests, human rights organisations and the mobilisations and denunciations that took place in Mexico and, above all, in Europe.

Fifth.- The misgovernment of Rutilio Escandón is doing everything possible to destabilise the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas:

  • It represses the rural normalistas with violence.
  • He sabotages the agreements made between the democratic Teachers’ Union and the federal government, forcing the teachers to mobilise radically so that these agreements are fulfilled.
  • Its alliances with drug traffickers are forcing the native communities to form self-defence groups, because the government does nothing to preserve the life, liberty and property of the inhabitants. The government of Chiapas not only protects the drug gangs, but also encourages, promotes and finances paramilitary groups such as those that continually attack communities in aldama and santa martha.
  • He is pursuing a purposely slow and haphazard vaccination policy that is provoking discontent among the rural population and will soon explode. In the meantime, the number of deaths from COVID in the communities is rising without being taken into account.
  • Its officials are stealing as much as they can from the state budget. Perhaps preparing for a collapse of the Federal Government or betting on a change of the ruling party.
  • Now it tried to sabotage the departure of the zapatista delegation that is participating in the Journey for Life, Chapter Europe, by ordering its paramilitaries ORCAO to kidnap our comrades, leaving the crime unpunished, and trying to provoke a reaction from the EZLN in order to destabilise a state whose governability hangs in the balance.

Sixth: if the objective of the Green Ecologist Party Of Mexico (PVEM) is to provoke a problem that will have international repercussions, as well as to destabilise the regime in power, it is better to resort to the recall referendum.

The PVEM is one of the names that the old priísmo uses in these lands. Sometimes it is PAN, sometimes it is PRD, now it is PVEM badly disguised as the National Regeneration Movement Party (MORENA). They are the same delinquents as before and now they are part of the wrongly called «opposition» movement, as a «fifth column» in the Fourth World War.

The responsible parties are: Rutilio Escandón and Victoria Cecilia Flores Pérez.

If what they want is to remove the current federal government, or to provoke difficulties in retaliation for the criminal investigations they have against them, or they are playing in one of the factions that are disputing the succession in 2024. Use the legal channels you have access to and stop playing with the life, liberty and property of the people of Chiapas. Vote and call to vote for the recall of the mandate and stop playing with fire because you are going to get burned.

Seventh: we call on the Europe from below and the left and the national and the Sixth International to demonstrate in front of the embassies and consulates of Mexico, and outside the buildings of the government of the state of Chiapas, to demand that they stop the provocations and abandon the cult of death that they profess. The date is Friday 24 september 2021.

In the face of the action and omission of the state and federal authorities, in the face of the current and previous crimes, we will take the pertinent measures so that justice is applied to the criminals of the ORCAO and the officials who sponsor them.

That’s all. For another occasion there will be no more communication. That is to say, there will be no words, but deeds.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

On behalf of the CCRI-CG of the EZLN

Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.

Mexico, September 19, 2021.

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