New wave of attacks against Kurdistan from Turkey and Iran.

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Kurdistan is suffering a new wave of bloody attacks by the states that occupy it: Turkish bombings in the North of Syria and Iraq , chemical weapons against the guerrillas, bloody repression of the popular uprisings in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq and Syria’s permissiveness of their occupation by the Turkish army, a member of NATO… and the connivance and silence of the EU and international organisations.

We do not want to be complicit in human rights violations in Kurdistan. Its people have sacrificed themselves to liberate the world from ISIS. One of the best examples of participatory democracy and intercultural equality has been put into practice in Kurdistan, despite the threats of so many actors.


Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) press release on Turkish bombings today

(Via Rojava Azadi)

On 20 November at midnight, Turkish fighter jets began bombing hospitals, schools and other civilian targets in and around Kobanê, including the village of Belûniyê in Shahba, southwest of Kobanê, which is now populated by displaced Kurds from Afrin, as well as the village of Teqil Beqil near Qerecox in Dêrik in the eastern part of the Autonomous Region of Northern and Eastern Syria. Turkish fighter jets also targeted the wheat depot in the Dahir al-Arab region near Zirgan and areas in the Qendil and Asos mountains in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The terrorist attack in Taksim, Istanbul, on 13 November was planned and executed by the ruling AKP-MHP regime of Turkey to provide a pretext for these deadly bombings. Without any investigation, the Turkish regime blamed the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for this attack. Despite the immediate and vehement rejection of this baseless accusation by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, the umbrella organisation that includes the YPG and YPJ) and the PKK, Turkey’s Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who has a long history of hostility against the Kurdish people, continues to preach this falsehood on behalf of the Turkish state.

Once again, the Turkish state is launching a campaign of unprovoked aggression against the Kurds to distract attention from Turkey’s various problems after two decades of unchecked rule by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP. Since 17 April, Erdogan’s regime has repeatedly attacked Kurdish guerrilla positions in Southern Kurdistan, using banned chemical weapons more than 2,700 times. Yet the Turkish state has achieved nothing with these attacks and Turkish forces have burned the bodies of their own soldiers to hide the extent of their losses. With the recent false flag attack in Taksim, Erdogan and the AKP-MHP hope to further distract from their defeat in Southern Kurdistan and justify their intensified war against the Kurds in Rojava/northern and eastern Syria.

Erdogan’s crumbling regime can only stay in power by defeating the historical resistance of the Kurdish people against the neo-Ottoman occupation of Kurdistan. With the attack in Taksim, Erdogan hoped to present Turkey as a victim of terrorism perpetrated by the Kurds in order to get the green light for an attack on Rojava at the G20 summit in Bali, and he seems to have succeeded, as the Turkish regime is incapable of launching such attacks without the approval of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, especially the United States.

If the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS is against this illegal war, then its members must immediately crack down through economic, political, diplomatic and legal measures to force Turkey to comply with international law. Otherwise, they will also be responsible for the consequences of the Turkish state’s terrorism against the Kurdish people and the other peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria.

Therefore, we call on the United Nations, the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, the European Union and the United States to force their partner to comply with its legal obligations.

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