One month after the violent repression, 4 women and their children are still in prison.

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One month after the violent repression of Lafken Winkul Mapu – 4 women and their children are still in prison, – the territory is militarized – the Rewe (ceremonial space) is kidnapped.

We need to meet to continue defending life in the territories. Extractivism is imposed with state repression and racist patotas (armed groups). We do not want its progress loaded with hunger, death and poison.

The facts: a campaign to the «desert» that continues

(from ANRed via Federación Anarquist )

The facts of harassment, repression, torture towards the community have been sustained despite the different governments, since the Lafken Winkul Mapu announced its recovery on 10 November 2017, in an area near Villa Mascardi, about 35 km from Bariloche. On the 23rd of that month, following an eviction order issued by Judge Guillermo Villanueva of Bariloche, agents of the Federal Police, Prefecture and Gendarmerie entered the territory, repressing and taking women and minors into custody. On 25 November of the same year, while in Buenos Aires people were saying goodbye to Santiago Maldonado, disappeared and found dead due to the repression in Cushamen, the Albatros group murdered Rafael Nahuel in a new attack on the Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu.

On October 4th , the events were repeated again by the Unified Security Command of Villa Mascardi, created by the Ministry of Security Aníbal Fernández and made official in a bulletin that same day under the signature of President Alberto Fernández, resolution 637/2022. Once again, Federal Police, National Gendarmerie, Naval Prefecture and Airport Police entered the territory repressing, torturing and violating human rights. The eviction order was given by the federal judge of Bariloche, Silvina Domínguez, who ordered the secrecy of summary proceedings. Women and girls were arrested, among them Machi Betiana Colhuan and pregnant Romina Rosas. Four of them were transferred to Buenos Aires under an irregular procedure, plagued with humiliations, as they later told us. Days before, the former Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich had demonstrated on Route 40 at Villa Mascardi together with businessmen under the slogan «enough of terrorism in Patagonia».

«We want to reaffirm that the eviction and subsequent detention of our comrades and the whole circus of humiliations to which the state is subjecting them, is not only because they are women and Mapuche, one of the most repeated slogans, but because Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu is part of a series of communities, both on the Argentinean and Chilean side, who have taken the step of recovering and defending the land, questioning private property», expressed the collectives in a document that can be found in the collective fanzine that will be released this Sunday.

There are currently four women, sisters, Celeste Ardaiz Guenumil, Machi Betiana Colhuan Nahuel, Martha Jaramillo and Romina Rosas who are under house arrest in Bariloche. Romina was pregnant at the time of her arrest and had her baby in detention. Florencia Melo and Débora Vera are still in prison and on hunger strike at the airport police station. Isolated without knowing much about their situation, as the secret of summary proceedings is still in force.


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More repression against the Mapuche people

The raid on the Mapuche journalist Oscar Moreno in Bariloche and on the Paichil Antriao community, raided on the grounds of looking for those responsible for an arson attack on road machinery, are also denounced.

The Buenos Aires police repressed and evicted the residents of Barrio Resistencia in La Matanza, located between the towns of González Catán and Merlo. «We are witnessing an increase in poverty, job insecurity, a subjugation of the living conditions of the exploited and exploited, a deepening of capitalist devastation of the natural environment, here in Rosario we are witnessing it every day. In the countryside and in the city, property is suffocating all of us, and that is why it is necessary to continue to deepen solidarity and criticism. It is clear these days how the state, the defender of capital, will use all its force to ensure that property is untouchable and that real estate, ranchers, tourist companies and national parks continue to profit, reducing life to a mere commodity. All over the world, let us continue to weave together struggle and solidarity. From Paraná to Relmu Lafken we say: freedom for Mapuche political prisoners, Ingkan mapu ta ingkan mogen (defending the land is a right), the state is a terrorist», say the Xawun Inay Leufv community.

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Women from different Indigenous Nations occupy the Central Bank

From Argentina Indymedia.
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Today, November 9th, women from different Indigenous Nations of Argentina have made a peaceful occupation while waiting for the President of the Central Bank to come and talk to the delegation.

The activists denounced: «We demand that the Bank’s directors come and listen to us, here they are working for a model of a country of death. We come here to say that we want a model of life, here the budget for death, for bullets, for repression is legalised and approved; here the invasion that we receive from the companies that are raping and murdering our girls is allowed and legalised, they are repressing, imprisoning women, our highest spiritual authority, who at this moment is unjustly detained».

She added: «So, just as the business community and the landowners are listened to in this space to define policies of terror, we also want to be listened to».

Prior to the action, they shared the following communiqué:

From the Movement of Indigenous Women and Diversities for Good Living, we communicate: To the indigenous nations that make up the plurinationality of the territories, to the Argentinean people and to the peoples of the world, that today we, women from different Indigenous Nations, coming from different territories in conflict, sent by our ancestors and telluric forces, have formed a peaceful occupation inside the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, a space that embodies the indolent speculation of national and transnational businessmen in complicity with the Argentinean State. The policies of pressure and repression on the indigenous peoples are imposed from this sector, as well as the authorisation of extractivist companies and transnational latifundia for the advance of death on our territories, fortifying and expanding the militarisation of the lives of indigenous peoples. It is from this place that this model of country is defined: TERRIFIC! We have come here to demand:

  • Abolition of the Chineo (*) NOW
  • Immediate release of the Mapuche political prisoners.
  • Return of the machi Betiana Colhuan Nahuel to her rewe.
  • Dissolution of the Unified Command
  • Demilitarisation of all indigenous territories and an end to the evictions.
  • Recognition and restitution of our territories

From this place, a budget is allocated to everything that generates death, we demand that they place an agenda for life.

We are spokeswomen for the land, saying enough is enough, life is not negotiable.

Women from the following indigenous nations: Tapiete Nation, Wichi Nation, Mapuche Nation, Tehuelche Nation, Aymara Nation, Quechua Nation, Qom Nation, Kolla Nation.

#StopTerricide #AbolitionOfChineseNationNow #GenocideIsToday
«We Walk to Be; We Are Because We Walk».

Follow more information about the occupation, in the link «Indigenous Women«.

(*) The chineo practice – supposedly «of initiation» that consists of raping the bodies of the chinitas, indigenous girls, introduced by the Spanish invaders and inherited by the Creoles. The aim is to subjugate bodies that, in their triple subordination – they are indigenous, poor and women – are considered to be at the service of those in power. 

On the day of the repression, the Xawun Inay Leufv community took part in an action in defence of the wetlands and publicised the events. Photos: Edith L. Gauna

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