All the Climate Summits are held in Cristina Enea

All the Climate Summits held to date, from Berlin 1995 to Glasgow, to be held this November, are present in the new exhibition opened today at the Environmental Resource Center of Cristina Enea: «Social Graphics. Climate summits and social activism».

The need to visually show ideas, and critical or antagonistic positions to the hegemonic order has generated a wide range of forms of expression and a huge legacy of creativity embodied in different graphic manifestations. Cristina Enea Foundation has presented today, in the context of the Climate Summit to be held in Glasgow this year 2021, the exhibition Climate Summits, social activism which shows the production and graphic evolution created by social movements in the development of the various Climate Summits that have been held to date. «This exhibition shows the graphics and materials created at the Climate Summits since 1995 for the mobilizations of the different groups and social activists, from posters and banners, to stickers, T-shirts and other media,» said Eneko Calvo, head of exhibition projects at the Cristina Enea Foundation.

Eneko Calvo: «The exhibition includes nearly 200 pieces, reflecting the graphics and imagery of the history of the Climate Summits».

Calvo has assured that these collected materials «create an important heritage of the social groups of the environmental movement, which present their history, their concerns and their struggle». Despite the simplicity of the materials used to elaborate the slogans of protest and demands, such as a piece of cardboard, «it has behind it a movement of great importance, a small drop of water that can produce a giant tsunami».

The aim of the exhibition, according to the person in charge of the exhibition, is «to show the importance of the social movement and the role of civil society in addressing climate issues, to reactivate and feed back into the social movement for the climate», as well as to encourage reflection and dialogue in and for social movements in their multiple visions, tools and ways of addressing the issues present at the different Climate Summits.

Martin Mantxo: «This exhibition is a tribute to all those social agents and activists who have mobilized as a result of the different COPs held».

Martin Mantxo, an activist of great experience in the environmental struggle, has participated in the production of the exhibition, compiling materials and coordinating with social agents, who wanted to emphasize that this exhibition aims to be «a tribute to all those social agents and activists who have mobilized as a result of the various COPs held, and who continue to do so every day outside the context of these major Climate Summits». Mantxo has stated that this exhibition is also an «exercise of memory recovery, an activity that recovers the spirit, demands and desires of a part of the population that wants and demands real and effective measures from the governing class to fight against conflicts and environmental problems, such as climate change».

The exhibition, which consists of nearly 200 pieces, most of them copies and replicas of originals, compiled thanks to the collaboration and cooperation of agents and social groups from all over the world, can be visited at the Cristina Enea Environmental Resource Center, from September 30 to December 12, during the following hours:

Monday to Saturday: from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Sundays and holidays: from 10:00 to 13:30 h.

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