Fourth judicial request to sanction Petronor in 12 years

For the fourth time, the courts ask the Ministry to decide on the opening of a sanctioning file against Petronor (Repsol) for the opening in 2008 of the coke plant without a license from the coastal authorities

The Central Court number 8 of the National Hearing has just issued this week an order in which it requires again the Ministry of Environment to issue an express resolution regarding the initiation of the sanctioning file that the Anticoke Net requested seven years ago.

That request was accepted by the courts in Sentences of 2016 and 2018, when the plenary of the National Court confirmed the first sentence after an appeal by #Petronor. The Coastside authority of never granted the construction permit for the coke plant. As it is known, the construction or activity in zones of maritime-land Public Domain, as it is the case, must be authorized. Without that authorization and after the corresponding sanctioning file, must be demolished or suspended.

From this association this lack of authorization has been evident since 2009. The issue has been ignored both by the Basque Government, which authorized the plant without that essential requirement, and by the Ministry itself, which over twelve long years has been ignoring our requests for information, complaints and even requests for meetings. Now, and in an unforgettable period of 20 days, you must open your filing or resolve the reason for your failure to open. Disobedience to this Court Order may result in administrative or even criminal liability.

The Order of November 23, 2020 gives us the reason again.

We consider it unjustifiable that the authority responsible for the protection of our maritime-terrestrial public Domain has forced communities and affected people to assume twelve years of lawsuits and that after these years they do not even proceed to comply with the judges’ orders. The illegal works executed in coastal areas must be authorized or demolished,either it is a beach bar or a Coque plant.

Meatzaldea Bizirik Ekologist Taldea will continue working, no matter how long, in defense of legality and the right to health and environmental protection for all.

We will keep you informed

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