Letter to the Republic

To all those racists, with hypocritical tolerance

Who built their nation on blood
Now they claim they can teach lessons

Looters of riches, killers of Africans
Colonizers, torturers of Algerians

This colonial past is yours
It’s you who chose to tie your history with ours

Now you must take responsibility
The smell of blood hangs on you even if you mask it

We the Arabs and the Blacks
We’re not here by chance

Every arrival has its departure!

You wanted immigration
Thanks to it you’ve gorged, up to indigestion

I believe France never did charity
The immigrants are only hands to do cheap work

Keep your republican illusion to yourselves
Of the gentle France violated by African immigration

Ask Senegalese and Algerian army volunteers
Who took advantage of whom?

The Republic is only innocent in your dreams
And your hands are white but not cleaned of your lies

We the Arabs and the Blacks
We’re not here by chance

Every arrival has its departure!

But do you think that with time
The Negros would mutate into Whites?

But human nature has swept away your plans
We don’t integrate in rejection

We don’t integrate in French ghettos, penned in
Among immigrants, you have to be reasonable

How to point a finger at a marginal community
That you stuck in the slums of Nanterre

Arsonists and firemen, your memory is selective
We didn’t come in peace, your history is aggressive

Here, we’re better than there, we know it
Because decolonizing for you is to destabilize

And the more I look at History, the less I feel indebted
I know what it is to be Black since I was a schoolboy

Yeah even if I’m not ungrateful, I don’t want to say thank you
Because what I have, here, I fought for it

I grew up in Orly, in the favelas of France
I blossomed in the bush, I’m at war since my youth

Drug trafficking, robbery, violence… Crimes!
What do my brothers do but make money like in a Clear… Stream

Who could teach them a lesson? You?
Abusers of the social good, embezzlers

Real thugs in suits, band of hypocrites!
Do the French have the leaders they deserve?

At the heart of the debate, the debate without heart
Always the same ones who get fingered in your France of rancor

In the midst of an economic crisis, there must be a culprit
And it’s toward muslims you strike

I’m not afraid to write: France is Islamophobic
Moreover, nobody in France hides their xenophobia

You treat us like less than nothing on your public TV
And you expect us to write Long Live the Republic!

My respect is violated by the so-called country of Human Rights
Hard to feel French without Stockholm Syndrome

Because me, I’m Black, Muslim, from the ghetto and proud of it
When you see me you see the face of what the other France hates

It’s the same hypocrites who tell us about diversity
who express their racism under cover of secularism

Dream of a homogeneous France, with one sole identity
Bent on discriminating against the same minorities

Facing the same voters, the same fears are agitated
You clash communities to hide precarity

Nobody should be surprised if tomorrow it ends up exploding
How to love a country that refuses to respect us

Far from the transparent artists, I write these words like a mirror
France should look at itself if it wants to

It will see the illusion it has of itself blow away
I’m not lacking affection

Understand I no longer wait for its love!

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